COVID-Safe Practices

We are taking every possible precaution to ensure our guests are protected from the potential transmission of COVID-19.

Guest Check-ins On Arrival

  • To comply with Victorian Government regulations, we require all guests to be fully vaccinated and ‘check in’ by recording details for contact tracing (date, name and phone number) using the Government QR code (or ledger) assigned for this purpose. We will only pass this information on to the DHHS for contact tracing purposes if required.
  • Guests are required to advise us if they experience COVID-19 symptoms in the days prior to or on the day of their stay. We will happily re-book your stay, at no cost, to a future date. Guests who arrive at The Burrow with COVID-type symptoms will not be permitted to stay with us and no refund will be issued.

Rigorous Hygiene Practices Observed

  • We undertake a deep cleaning of The Burrow prior to every stay, with particular attention paid to high touch points (light switches, door handles, cutlery, crockery etc). All linen is professionally laundered.

Going Above and Beyond

  • We keep a supply of new disposable face masks in The Burrow to supply to guests should you require them during your stay.
  • We’ve provided WHO-grade hand sanitiser in The Burrow for guests to use during your stay and to keep and take home.
  • Hand sanitiser & wipes are also available for guests’ use in the bathroom but we ask that guests dispose of them in the bin and don’t flush them into the cistern as we are on a septic system.
  • As we do not have multiple guests at any time (maximum one couple), we are confident that our measures are particularly manageable, aiming at all times to minimise risk to any person. The Burrow is fully self-contained, and supplies may be replenished with due care and precaution.

To minimise risk

  • We take electronic payment only prior to your stay.
  • We require guests to adhere to the requisite social distancing during your visit and if we meet during your stay, all parties will wear face masks.
  • We monitor the news and changes in restrictions advised by the Victorian Government websites to ensure we take into consideration the latest recommendations. If you require additional information on any of our COVID-19 safe measures please contact us. We thank you for your support and compliance with our Wombat Bend policy and look forward to welcoming you back to stay with us.