Summer thoughts

If I’m truly honest, summer is never my favourite time of the year. It’s too scary.  But as the climate shifts and global weather events become more extreme at both ends of the scale, we too must adapt and seek ways to live with our landscape … or, as First Nation people say … [...]

March 29th, 2019|

A Winter’s morning

A Winter’s morning ... It starts with a lazy roll over out of bed .... a perch in the early sunshine ... and as we wander around the billabong, the light changes, frost gleams, glassy water reflects,  a cormorant warms his wings, the day begins to glow, and a spot of bricklaying before breakfast [...]

August 15th, 2017|

The Days of August

There’s something so special and particular about August to me that I am forever sad when we reach the last day. It’s the light that changes by the moment; it’s the bursts of bright sunshine and the sudden sharp showers that sometimes even morph into hailstones. It’s the wonder of my heart-wattle that comes [...]

November 14th, 2016|
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